A downloadable Founders Pack

Overduty VR: Battle Royale brings you into the thrill of a real Battle Royale experience. You must rely on strategically maneuvering the 4km by 4km map & scouring for weapons, attachments, and vehicles to claim the victory as the last fighter standing.


  • Fast-paced movement with Jetpacks and Climbing
  • 50+ player online Battle Royale action with VoIP
  • Open-world mode with world-events & missions
  • Unlock skins by leveling up through 80+ ranks
  • Cars and Hoverbikes with VR driving mechanics
  • More than 8 guns with various attachments


  • Instant Access to online open world pre-alpha
  • Steam Key for Early Access & Full Game release
  • Exclusive Skins for your avatar, guns, gloves, and glider (below)

Founders pack not currently available. We are working on a major overhaul of the game and appreciate your patience. Being a team of 3 and working full times jobs makes this a challenging task but we can't wait to be on the battlefield with you guys!


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Founder's get exclusive rank!


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This game is currently Unavalible as of 1/23/2021. it will be avalible next update when the new client is out.


how do you download it


Will there be VRIK/Seeing your legs/arms in this game? I prefer it.

im ready to buy this, i just want  to know if its actually live with other ppl playing it online before i waste my money on it. on steam it still says coming soon. any idea on when the game will drop on steam in early access an if i purchase it here will it go to my steam account.

dose this work?